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19y/o loser who does art sometimes!!!

holy shit i’ve neer seen this
probably the coolest photo of ringo in existence

Commissions are officially starting!! :D college books and stuff take a bit of money and i need some money for my self every now and then sooooo anyway:
$10 for sketch character bust- example
$15 for colored character bust- example 
$15 full body character sketch- example
$20 full body colored character- example
two characters would be double. i’m open to changing the price just contact me! i take payment through pay pal, if that doesn’t work, i’m sure we’ll work it out! i do characters and only characters as of now. I do both male and female, but my female work is bit iffy so apologies ahead of time. D; price may go up or down depending on what people want to put in, and again price is negotiable. you can contact me by tumblr message or you  can email me at thank you so much :)

Saoirse Ronan - Wonderland Magazine - September 2014Photographed by Stefan Khoo

From Russian Vogue, 1999
Juergen Teller

Song of the shepherd’s dogLittle brown flea in the bottle of oil For your woolly wild hairYou’ll never get him out of there